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It’s been a record-breaking, mid-west kind of winter. Beautifully white and bitterly cold. Yet what I see hearts most hungry for—is light. Because with light there is the comfort of warmth, the beauty of new life, and the ability to see a little further and linger a little longer in the glory of each day. Don’t… Continue reading Light

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I sat there warm by the fire amidst the snow-capped hills so many saved dollars and a million expectations in, as the perfect weekend that had played out in my mind time and time again seemed to be crumbling at the seams. It can be so easy to make oceans out of the puddles of… Continue reading Puddles

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She stared across the room at the girl who held the gift she so desperately wanted and dreamed of what it would be like to hold that beautifully ornate box in her hands. The jealously that welled up from deep within, caused her to believe with certainty that this gift was not deserved by its… Continue reading Treasure

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I couldn't tell you what the speaker said that night What songs were sung Who I sat next to or what I wore Why I was even in that lecture hall But I can tell you, that through the brisk cold air the short walk back to my dorm room seemed like an eternity as the weight… Continue reading Found