Forgiveness · Love


gabbyjesusloveI was teaching her about Jesus’s love. His dying on the cross for our sins, so we could live love. His sacrificial love, patient love, enduring love. His forever love. She was fighting with her brother that morning (like they always do). I believe  this time they were staking claim on who could sit up on the bed with me, as if there wasn’t room for two. It ended in a wrestling match. I broke up my 3 and 4 year old warriors and said, ‘you need to show each other love’.

After barking this command, I was struck by the profound truth that this is not my command, it is Gods. Yet how can anyone truly love if you don’t know The Love. So I sat her down and I showed her Love. Not my hugs and kisses and cuddles love, but his blood and wounds and tears Love.

I told her a love story. The greatest fairy tale she’d ever know. A King who became a servant to save his bride. A King who faced the darkness of death, so she would only ever see God’s light.

She listened and pondered and told the story back to me in only the way a 3-year-old princess can. “You wanna love. You don’t wanna be afraid. You wanna be patient. Then you won’t be scared, you won’t be afraid. The end.”Nofearinlove

I chuckled at her sweet response, but was in awe over the truth of her words. How did our talk about love lead her to speak of fear? The word tells us, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear”. Sweet Gabriella was a speaking of a deeper love, a love that doesn’t see our sin, our hate, our wrestling matches with God over what he has versus what we want. She was speaking of a Love that sees the Son. A love from God that looks upon His children and sees The Love. The Love that is Jesus, broken and bruised for our transgressions, wounded for our iniquities. We are covered by the Grace and Mercy of this love and what fear can exist in that?

As we walk freely in the forgiveness and covering of this Love, we are freed from the fear of punishment, shame and rejection. We are then released to shine the glory of this Love to the world. Oh, Gabriella, what love I pray you always know, what Love I need to always walk in, always give of, always show.



 I love music and I love to share it. Each song is for each post. Enjoy!  No Fear in Love- Steffany Gretzinger

Copyright- Tamara Gurley, 2015

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