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I watched as the director stood before the children, telling them when to rise and sit, move their bows or be still, increase the volume of their instrument or soften it’s voice; but my daughter and her fellow sixth grade novice musicians were not just being told what to do, they were being shown.

orchestraToward the back of the stage stood the orchestra’s co-leader. Not pointing and directing, but playing alongside the students, modeling for them how to follow the directors lead and giving them a perfect musical example to follow. She cared deeply about showing these children how to play the music the way in which it was composed.

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said -Matthew 4:19a

When Jesus said, “follow me”, he meant do as I do, not just as I say; for He cares deeply about showing us how to live life following our Father’s lead. Not just so our lives can be filled with only beautiful harmonies, but for the times when we are overwhelmed by the tension and dissonance that often mark this life.


Every moment of our day offers the opportunity to look at our circumstances through the lens of our own emotions or through the lens of Christ’s example.

Through His example, we can trust that whatever we are being called to, through or from, He has crossed that bridge too. For our Savior is acquainted with our grief, empathizes with our weakness, was tempted in every way but did not sin, perfectly loved his neighbors as himself, communed continually with God the Father, fulfilled the Great Commission, was betrayed, wept, humble, patient, embodied true peace and joy because He is true Peace and Joy and ultimately, endured great suffering and gave His life, so we might live.

This is life lived the way God composed it, the way He intended it to be. Yet, He doesn’t just point the way, he is The Way; and he is standing beside us, sweetly and gently showing us that His way is perfect. It may be hard to take that first step, but when we do, we find that His way leads to life. His way leads to freedom.

Follow in his steps.



 I love music and I love to share it. Each song is for each post. Enjoy! I Have Decided – Elevation Worship

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