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 She came downstairs on Tuesday, the day after her fainting spell, and said “mommy I wanted to tell you, Jesus loves me and will always keep me safe.”  From the mouth of babes – at times – God speaks to us exactly what we need to hear. My precious girl had a follow up appointment on Friday and was referred to a pediatric neurologist who should be able to give us more “solid” answers. Her body either handles severe pain this way, by causing her to faint -OR- the concussion she suffered in May has presented some neurological complications. The unknown space is a hard space to be, but a space where God can stretch and grow us in ways we didn’t even know we needed. It can be a place where he breathes into us, feeds and nourishes us when we don’t have the strength or means to do so on our own.

So many examples from the bible show us this truth: What happens when Moses’ mama has no choice but to leave him just weeks old laying in a basket by the river?

Moses is saved.

And what happens when this once abandoned boy grows up to lead his people out of slavery only to face an army to the right and and sea to the left?

God makes a way.

  And what happens when this chosen people must reside in the desert? The place between the known and the unknown. The dry, harsh land where nothing grows. God rains manna from Heaven. He gives them exactly what they need each day to live and know that He will never leave them nor forsake them. And in the end, He leads them out of the desert and into the promised land. That place where abundant life was found, where milk and honey flowed, and the promise of rest was sure.

This place is still Promised to us no matter how beat up and wounded we come out of the desert. If we remain in relationship with Chist while we are there, rest will come, peace will come, trust will be strengthened, and life will be restored.

  xo,                                                          Tamara

Reflection:                                          Worship: I love music and I love to share it. Each song is for each post. Enjoy! Closer than you know- Hillsong

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