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I met my Renaissance man the same month I vowed to God that I would take a break from dating. I desired to focus solely on relationship with my Creator, my one, true love.
As soon as I had vowed my heart to the Lord, He let me open it to an unexpected soul. A gift that walked through the front door of my best friend’s house and into the seat beside me. And by Gods grace, this man has been there ever since.
The truth is, my husband, Joel, and I were both smitten the night we met–just babes in college. He told his best friend he could marry a girl ‘like’ me and all I could do was tune my radio to love songs and dream of what could be. But reality was greater than my dreams.
You see when God says he will give you more than you could ever imagine or hope for– he means this:
His imagination, the creative force that dreamed up the beauty of all creation, has dreamed up plans for you and I. 
Yet we settle for stagnant ponds when He’s given us clear blue seas and sticks and stones when he’s given us lush, green, forest-covered mountains.
Have you been there?
Are you there right now?
Stuck playing in the mud instead of soaking up the riches of His presence or the blessings He so greatly desires to lavish upon you?
I never believed I deserved a man like Joel and on the eve of our 10-year anniversary, I still don’t. But God doesn’t give us what we deserve or simply what we need. His gifts inspire awe and wonder that call our hearts to glorify the only One who could give of such great blessings.
And that’s what Joel is to me–my great blessing. He’s an imperfect 10, as am I, it’s been an imperfect 10 years, filled with 10,000 imperfect moments, and yet beauty is always found. And that’s the amazing thing about God’s Grace–even in the ugly, if we seek him first, we find the beautiful.
imageimage image
stay tuned for a glimpse into our love story…coming soon!



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