I would stare in the mirror each morning hoping to see someone the world would love. Someone beautiful enough, smart enough, good enough, brave enough, strong enough; I just wanted to feel loved enough. And while the words of affirmation came, sprouting blooms of confidence, they never took root, quickly dried up, and fell to the ground like the leaves of a tree in Autumn.leaf

A tree knows that in order to survive the harsh winter months, it must lose something. It must close off the places where leaves grow in order to keep all of it’s nutrients within its brittle branches. If trees could talk, I bet they would share how hard it is to lose the one thing that makes them feel so beautiful. In Spring, leaves are the first sign of green weary eyes are blessed to see, in Summer they dress the sky and line the landscape of all our outdoor adventures, and just before the tree must let them Fall, they turn into brilliant rainbows of color painting this world in unspeakable beauty.


Trees know in order to thrive they cannot find their worth in their leaves and neither can we in anything outside of Christ. The leaves we clothe our barren souls in often go by the names of appearance, success, wealth, approval, relationships, status—can you name a few? Like Adam and Eve searching for cover, we grab our leaves to hide our shame when God says behind the mask is something he made beautiful—brittle, barren and broken as it may be.

We are not called to reflect an image based on the world’s standards. We are called to reflect on the Word of God and in turn our lives will be a reflection of the one true God.psalm 119_15

So when we look in the mirror we see someone that He would love. Someone he made to be enough. Someone perfectly crafted in the likeness of the one who crafted her. We can let the leaves fall, look in the mirror and see our God makes no mistakes. Not with me and not with you.



 I love music and I love to share it. Each song is for each post. Enjoy! Love Came Down

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© Tamara Gurley 2015

3 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Tamara,
    Your web site and ministry is beautiful. It is so pure. I believe you have entered into God’s purpose for your life. His handiwork through you is glorious; it is clear that you are in His hands! Continue to seek the Lord as you are doing, that His life through you may be spilled like water.

    1. Jo, Thank you so very much for your kind word and encouragement. They mean more than you know and were so very timely. Thank you so much for reading along. Miss you!! xoxo

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