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Turkey, Red Cups and Christmas Carols

Ready or not here it comes!

Christmas Music has made its way to the radio, $280 Teddy Bears are for sale at Costco, and not so cheery red cups are ready for filling at Starbucks. The holidays are officially here. I can feel it and I am sure you can too- Stress levels are beginning to skyrocket, meal plans are being made, stuffing is being stock-piled and gifts stashed away.

Those of us who desire to seize the real meaning of the season are often encouraged to take it easy, reject American consumerism, forget the fancy meals and perfect parties, and turn our nose up at Christmas music being forced on us before we’ve had our turkey.

But I’d like to view it different way.
What if God could use our misguided purposes to promote his perfect one?

You see every radio station, storefront and online shop has the same mission- make money at a time when people are bound to spend.
But Jesus also has a mission- making himself known.

Our nation spends two full months celebrating Christmas – the holiday founded on honoring the birth of our Savior. That is two full months where we as Christians have a wide open opportunity to make Christ known.

  1. So strike up a conversation and share your faith in that Black Friday line.
  2. Blare those songs about JESUS, marvel at their presence on mainstream stations, and sing them at the top of your lungs.
  3. Open up your heart and home to friends and family and love them with the best meal you can muster up in the name of celebrating the savior of the world.
  4. Pay it forward and buy a simple red starbucks cup for the car behind you. That act of kindness will spread real holiday cheer.
  5. Give and give and give until it hurts, and remind people that this is nothing compared to the very life God gave up for you and me.
  6. Go and forgive and love even when it’s hard, just like Jesus came and loved, forgave and saved the world.

Invite Jesus into the chaos that Christmas has become, and be amazed at just how meaningful this season can truly be.


 I love music and I love to share it. Each song is for each post. Enjoy! Christmas Time Is Here

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© Tamara Gurley 2015

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