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I am often in need of help, but I am not often willing to accept it. Lately my need for help far outweighed my ability to hold it all together, but I was geared up and ready to try.

It was my husband’s intense surgery that left me carrying double the load, the saying goodbye to a best friend moving a days drive away, and the heartbreaking news that rattled me at my very core.

There I was overwhelmed in all the messiness of life and God provided help. Everything in me wanted to reject the people and provisions he was providing for all of the excuses we so easily give. We don’t want to be an inconvenience to others, we could never repay such kindness, we don’t want to be known as helpless, we don’t want to be truly known at all.

Here God was trying to pour love over me, and instead of receiving it with a heart of gratitude, my pride pushed it away. Instead of saying thank you, I was saying I don’t need you.

Then a dear friend came along, looked me right in the eyes and reminded me of a profound truth, “You can’t just live life spilling water, sometimes you have to stop and take a drink.”

God knows how often we get thirsty, so he always provides a well. The question is— will we stop and will we drink?

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Hagar, a woman whose story we find in Genesis 21, was faced with this same choice. After being kicked out of her home, she was forced into the wilderness with her only son. Wandering, desperate and thirsty, she left her weeping, suffering child under the shade of a bush so she wouldn’t have to watch him die.

In complete despair she burst into tears, but God saw her in her weakness. An angel of the lord said, “’Do not be afraid!’ …Then God opened Hagar’s eyes, and she saw a well full of water.”- Genesis 21:17-18

Hagar did not say, “no thank you lord, I don’t need a well. I am sure I can muster up enough strength to dig one myself. I do not want to be a nuisance; I know you are busy. I am completely overwhelmed, but I will figure this out. Really, it’s fine. We’re thirsty out here, but please don’t provide a drink.”

Hagar, instead, quickly filled her water container. No questions asked. She was thirsty, she needed help and God provided a well.

My prayer is that we no longer run from the wells that God provides- the truth that is found in His life-sustaining Word, the people who offer generosity in times of need, the provisions only he can make possible. I want to lay down my pride, quickly fill up, offer gratitude and allow God to quench my thirst. I want to stop. I want to see the well. I want to take a drink.


 I love music and I love to share it. Each song is for each post. Enjoy! Great Are You Lord
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One thought on “Well

  1. I needed to hear this today, in this season. I too am often in need, but too proud, or too cautious or too controlling to accept the help offered; not only causing my own need to remain unmet, but also squelching others from being able to pour out life on me as God has called them. Grateful for the reminder and the prompt to accept the gifts offered, from our loving and gracious God through His people.

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