This past week, I had the opportunity to share my love of writing through a piece on the subject of Winter, with my home church in Grand Rapids. The piece below was God-breathed, His words flowing through my pen. Every moment of the day He would show me glimpses of the story this poem should tell. He showed me His power in the night through a mighty and relentless winter storm. He showed me His glory in the brilliance of the sun, lighting up the snow in a glimmering display. He showed me His life in the birds that came hungry to the porch feeder each morning, eager to be fed. He showed me His hope in that some seasons in life are long and are hard, yet the end reward is sweeter than we could ever imagine or hope for. He showed me himself, in His word, His voice, speaking to me when I quieted my heart to hear what He had to say.

I pray this video, these words, these images, leave you in awe and in gratitude for this season we’ve named misery. I pray that you would see that it is so much more about His Majesty, and His power that lives and dwells in each of us who’ve allowed Christ to call our hearts his home. I pray that you would be inspired to rise each morning and quiet your heart, to give yourself over to what He has to say, where He has to lead you, and what hope he has to show you.

Eart is Yours Link

The Earth is Yours

It strikes the soul with a fury unmatched by anything less then the hand of God

This fierce yet barren season, empty yet filled with life

The beating of Winter’s heart not only wears upon our skin, but upon our shoulders.

This pulsing, brittle, beautiful enemy or friend?

We feel the weight of its breath, wild and untamed

Painting the canvas of this earth the color of pure

Inescapable like your presence

Impossible to not be felt

Relentless just like your love

Created by your almighty hand, for your pleasure and for the pleasure of your people

Love displayed in both the stillness and in the storm

In the splendor and in the simplicity

In the warmth and in the cold

Just when it seems like darkness is reining, the brilliance of Your Glory Thunders

And suddenly this thing we named misery becomes more about your majesty

Your Power and Your Purpose and Your Voice

Speaking peace, speaking strength, speaking wonder

Quietting my heart before you God, opening my ears to hear your word. Your life-giving, nourishing, soul-sustaining word, breathed into my every need.

Could this same might that shakes the earth and strips the forests bare, speak to me?

Do you, oh God, Exist in me?

Are you alive in me?

When I allow you to reign upon the throne of my heart

Like you reign upon the throne of this earth

You carry me through these harsh and weary days

And remind me of the goodness in each

The goodness that is you, and You alone, oh God, alive in me,

alive in all I see

I proclaim, we must proclaim that
All this Earth is Yours

All the Earth is Yours

…And I am Yours

Copyright: Tamara Gurley 2015

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