Hope for Grace 

Word fall short in times like these, but here’s our best attempt to share our hearts. Ten years ago, when we began the journey of raising Grace we never imagined the road God would have us travel. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, we knew we would make a million mistakes, we knew Grace would someday have to face the trauma of her past and find healing, we knew she would need a miracle. We hoped we could help her, we prayed we could rescue her, but only God can save and he rescues each of us in his own way. 
At this point in Grace’s journey, he has opened up a door to rescue her through taking her out of our home for a season. Her story is hers to tell, so without sharing every detail I will just say this, when our heart breaks, it breaks wide open. 

Grace knows her struggles and her heart has been broken open to receive the help and healing that only God can bring.  

Since the moment residential treatment was recommended, we have gone from feeling like we were giving up, had failed, and were turning our backs on our child, to knowing this is the best possible way we can help our Grace thrive. 

As we began searching for possible programs in January, I can’t even describe how many doors were slammed in our face before we saw a glimmer of light. 
But as soon as Grace wanted rescued and the minute she cried out for relief, God answered by providing a Christian therapeutic program/school for girls that had an opening for a 13-year-old. Within two weeks she was accepted, the deposit was secured, and we were on our way. 

This past Tuesday we endured the hardest challenge we’ve faced yet. More than all of the insurmountable behavioral and emotional trials we’ve faced. 

We had to let go. 

We had to drive 14 hours, say goodbye, turn around and drive back home with one less member of our family in the car. We had to trust that God would use the therapy, structure, prayer and counsel Grace would receive over the next 15 months to transform her life. We had to believe the funding would somehow come through. 

Heartbreaking and overwhelming are insufficient ways to describe this experience. We’re thankful for the incredible place God has provided, but devastated he’s had to. We’re thankful it’s $3,400 a month instead of $20-30k a month like most other treatment facilities, we’re thankful we were denied benefits because it forced us to trust God completely to lead us to the best place possible for Grace (there are no addicts of violent girls), we are thankful we have a home that we fixed up so we can hopefully sell and raise support, we are thankful for the peace that surpasses all understanding that has been showered over Grace, Joel and I. 
Even more than this , we are thankful for all of the friends and strangers who have reached out to offer support, prayers, donations, assistance with travel expenses (we will be traveling to see Grace / have family therapy every other month), help getting the house ready to sell, childcare and more. While hard to recieve this level of generosity, we humbly know we could not do this without the support of many. Each of you have made us want to be better people than we are- more giving, more trusting, more willing to share. 
“Your children are like arrows in the hand of a warrior”‘ psalm 127:4. While this has felt like a ten-year battle, a waging war – God has sustained us and grown our faith every step the way. This journey is for His glory and he has only begun to write Grace’s story. 
This is the hope we have for Grace “He who began a good work (in Grace) will be faithful to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” – Philippians 1:6. 
You can learn more here or support, share with others, and please pray. We are so thankful to share that between savings, private donations and the gofundme page, 10 months of treatment has been covered in four weeks!!!! 5 months more to go but God is is faithful!



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