Two unexpected surgeries, an unexpected pregnancy complete with a slight unexpected Zika scare from missions travels. An unexpected move from a home we loved, an unexpected goodbye to a child we raised, unexpected trials at work and school, in family and relationships, and on and on it goes. This year was full of the unexpected. 

But it was in these unexpected moments where God showed his great love and grace in the most unimaginable ways. While I never knew my heart could bleed so much, I have never known it to be filled with so much gratitude.  
Every year we plan and resolve to do and acquire and become. We expect our plans to shape us rather than allowing ourselves to be shaped by that which we cannot plan. As a dear friend shared, our expectations are just one possibility in an infinite number of outcomes. 

What I have realized this year, is that accepting Gods outcome as best is our greatest act of obedience and surrender. We experience the greatest level of abundant life, joy, peace and contentment, despite all circumstance, when we lay down our best for Gods.  

Because you see despite the unanticipated hardships, it was the unexpected laughter, the unexpected kisses, the unexpected acts of generosity and kindness, the unexpected bond of friends, the unexpected sound of a little heartbeat, and every unexpected moment of this broken beautiful life that shaped this year and will shape every year to come. 

May we live not fighting against the unforeseen and unpredicted, but know that in it offers our greatest opportunity to experience the power and presence of our God. To breath in the fullness of this gift of life we have, and breath out praises to Him to whom all praise is due. #lifespilledlikewater #newyear 

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