God pressed these words on my heart to share at the IF: Local event for the Thrive Women’s Ministry of Ada Bible Church this past weekend. It was birthed out of the sorrow in my lack of remembrance of the Lord. For all of the times I haven’t trusted him, for all of the times I haven’t “needed” him, for all of the times I haven’t desired him above all else…may I always remember.

by Tamara Gurley

Where have you been?

Where in all the world have you been?

Remember the Lord?

The great and glorious one

Remember the Lord

The one who called you by name

The one who sought you when you were just a stranger

Remember the Love

The love poured out for you through nail scared hands, wounded feet, and a spear pierced side

Remember the Days

The days spent falling in love with the one who pursued your heart

This GRAND love story between a bride and her groom

You had never felt such love, you had never felt such peace, you had never felt such joy

In this broken, beat up, fallen world

You had found the love of your life

Remember the Faithfulness

He was always there

Calling your name

Waiting for you to run into his arms

As he whispered in your ear, “when you seek me, you will find me, when you seek me with all of your heart”


But where have you been?

Have you forgotten me?

What is it that draws your heart far from me?

Is it your riches? OR your wreckage?

Is it that you have enough or that I am not enough

Why have you forsaken your first love?

What Wild Gains have caused you to run far from me

What Deep Sorrows have caused you not to trust me

And what sin and what shame have caused you to HIDE your face from me

Where have you been?

When you first became my child, I loved you, I called you my daughter, but the more I called you, the further you moved from me, worshiping the things of this world, When I taught you how to walk, and I led you by the hand, but you didn’t even know, and you don’t even care. I led you. I wrapped my ropes of kindness and love around you, I lifted the yoke from your neck, I stooped down to feed you, but you refuse to return to me. (Hosea 11)

Where have you been? Remember?

But hear me oh daughters, hear me

The love of the Lord knows no bounds

The love of the Lord knows no bounds

The faithful love the Lord never ends

His mercies are new each morning

His grace is sufficient for today

He never forgets us

Never forsakes us

So come – He cries—Come

Come and bring your riches, and bring your wreckage, and bring your too much and not enough, and bring your sin and your shame and your deep sorrows and your great pain

And lay them at the foot of the cross

Lay them at the feet of Jesus, he’s waiting for you there

And remember

Remember the Lord

Remember the Love

Remember the Days

Remember the faithfulness, Remember

So when the lord calls your name, Where have you been?

May we all reply,

Right here at your feet, lord

With my eyes fixed on you

Right here, at your feet

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