We are carriers of light.
Yes, within you is the full light and life of Jesus.

And this brilliant light you carry, though it may only feel like a flicker, is ready to break forth and shine on this broken, weary world. We carry the light of Jesus in our hearts, but for many of us, we have allowed it to grow dangerously dim.

In 2 Timothy 1:6 we read, “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which is in you”.
We are called to fan into flame that light that lives within us, but what does this practically mean?

My family loves to go camping in the summer. Each night, after we watch the sunset, we head back to our camp site, pop open our folding chairs and place them around the fire pit. With great expectation, we watch as dad begins to arrange the logs and strategically place the kindling; and with a click of a lighter we know the fire is about to begin.

This wood, however, doesn’t immediately turn into a bright and blazing bonfire. No, it starts with just a spark, that spark turns into a tiny flame, and that flame begins to spread across the wood. In this moment, we hope the flame will catch the large logs on fire, but the truth is, it is struggling to survive. If we take our eyes off the flame it wont last, if we neglect it, it will die out.

So we stay near the flame, pull out our paper plates from dinner, lean in a little closer and begin to fan and fan and fan the flame. As this wind takes hold of the flame and as life is breathed into the fire, we see that small spark set ablaze.

You have a spark within you, waiting to be set ablaze! There is a someone, somewhere or something that God is calling you to–but we must fan that flame and fanning the flame takes action.

We fan the flame by first, committing to do the thing He has called us to do. We then ask to be empowered by the Holy Spirit who will work though us to accomplish it. We also fan it with our prayers and through the study of God’s word. We must open up our Bibles and let God’s Word breath life into our fire. We should also be in small groups. We thrive when we have women around us who are loving us, pouring into us and standing beside us. Women who are willing to get out their paper plates and fan right alongside us. Women who will fill their lungs and breath life onto our fire when sometimes we can’t do it on our own.  Removing the barriers is also vital–the fears, the sin, the selfishness. Rather than letting these things snuff out our fire, how about we  take each one and toss it in as kindling to make our flame even brighter.

Where is God calling you to carry his light? We all have god-given gifts, time, and resources God can use to shine His light. Some of us have positions and platforms; and all of us have kitchen tables where we can feed a soul or a coffee pot where we can serve a warm drink to a friend. Some of us have spare bedrooms with empty beds waiting to be filled, and for others, we have opportunities to be a light where there is no light.

What spark is  in you that is waiting to be fanned into flame? What have you committed in your heart to do?

Be reminded of the light that lives within you, fan the flame and be set ablaze!

xo- Tamara

One thought on “Ablaze

  1. Tamara, This is a great reminder…All believers have that light and it’s our responsibility to carry that light to the places God calls us. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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