He Will Teach You

Adversity, suffering— these are not words we like to define the seasons of our life with. Yet, these hard, hurt-filled, and confusing moments press upon us like a crashing wave and we wonder, where are you God?

He always answers, “right here – my beloved, right here.”

In these moments we have a choice:

We can push away that main entree of pain and side dish of hurt. We can numb out, and avoid the messiness that comes with challenging seasons.

Or we can press in, take it in, and allow God to use it to bear good fruit in us that is sweet to the taste and abundant in nourishing life.

God promises not to waste our pain. His wasn’t wasted on the cross, so yours wouldn’t be wasted in life.

He will use it all to teach us and grow us and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Where are you numbing out because of challenges in life? What pain do you need to press in to and allow God to teach you and grow you?


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