Drawn Out to be Drawn In


There is often a distance in our hearts between believing and trusting. I may believe a bungee cord can do its job, however, I may not be first in line to strap it on and take the plunge. Trust takes action. This is why the ‘Trust Fall’  has become the model object lesson. Without the action of falling, trust is not demonstrated.

So how do you trust when it seems all God is doing is taking away, tearing down and drawing out? Can hope live here too? I believe it can. I am learning that when He draw us out, He promises to draw us in. God may ask you to lay down plans and dreams, good ones, holy ones. He may ask you to surrender your will and trust His, or call you down a different path when your happy skipping along your current one. This moment is the trust fall of the Christian faith. Will you open your arms wide? Choose not to close your eyes, but rather fix them right on Jesus? Will you buckle you knees or waiver in your conviction?

Or will you just fall?

“With your unfailing love you lead the people you have redeemed. In your might, you lead them to your sacred home.” – Exodus 15:13

Jesus opened his arms wide, hanging tall on that cross, eyes steady on His Father. He knew his daddy would catch him, carry him, and use his obedience for His glory and our good.

He will catch you too. When he does, it may be to launch you into something new or simply hold you still for a little while longer, allowing baby steps when you’re wanting to make strides.

Trust that when he draws you out, he draws you in. Don’t miss the intimacy of this moment.  His nearness will be used to teach you, comfort you, heal you, hold you, and build you up for the next leg of the journey. Trust, fall, be drawn out & be drawn in.

“If we’re not falling, we’re not flying”- Sing my Way Back, Steffany Gretzinger


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