One Another


Mama- it’s been four years since I saw you last; but while having you here this week I realized how your life has taught me one of my life’s greatest lessons-

Reconciliation is worth the fight.

“Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground which can not me gathered up again. But God does not just sweep away life. Instead He devises ways to bring us back when we have been separated from him.”

The Word reminds us of God’s radical love for us amidst our brokenness & sin. When the glass tips and breaks, and the water spills out, who can contain it? What careful attempts must be made to soak up the liquid without slicing your palms; to find all of the broken pieces and bring them back togethyer, ensuring not one is missed. For that small, translucent sliver of hidden glass will wound when you least expect it.

But God does not leave us in this shattered place. He devised a radical way to bring us back to Him through the wounded palms of His son Jesus. The blood spiller that covered our mess and not only swept up our broken pieces, but placed that puzzle of sharp and jagged pieces back together more beautiful than it was before.

Reconciliation is like this picture. Its not quick and easy. Its messy, hard to navigate, and will often stab and wound. But we were reconciled to Christ in this way, so we can be reconciled to one another. He forgives and He mends, so we can repent and repair.

God’s word calls us to love one another, bear with one another, forgive one another, take care of one another, feed, clothe and house one another, fight for one another, lay down our lives for one another. But we cant do this if we choose not to see one another. To harden our hearts toward one another. When we are instead called to confess to one another, apologize to one another, and humbly lay down our lives for one another.

God’s radical love for us brought a radical remedy for our sin, so we could radically work toward reconciliation with one another.

My mama taught me the fight is long and painful, because confession and repentance requires humility, and working toward repair requires sacrifice. But she taught me its worth the fight. Its worth the pain. Its worth whatever I might lose here on earth, because I will gain it all again.

Love is always worth it. One Another we are always worth it.

#roughdraft #spokenword #lifespilledlikewater

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