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I watched as the director stood before the children, telling them when to rise and sit, move their bows or be still, increase the volume of their instrument or soften it’s voice; but my daughter and her fellow sixth grade novice musicians were not just being told what to do, they were being shown. Toward the back… Continue reading Example

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Sitting at my breakfast table, this gathering place of nourishment both belly and soul, this dear place my family comes to each morning hungry with the assurance that they will be fed. The rare times, the quiet times I sit here on my own, peering into the stretch of barren trees that decorate the yard. I watch… Continue reading Come

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Maybe this Easter Sunday your heart was feeling heavy. Perhaps your weariness and burdens made it difficult to celebrate the beauty of this day. You are grateful for the blood he shed, thankful for the empty grave, yet saddened by the broken lives and circumstances that seem trapped within the grave. Helpless behind the weight of that… Continue reading Rise

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Bright, lights, white, needles, gowns, hair nets, apple juice, IVs…oh my! I do not have a deep affection for hospitals, not because they aren’t doing the world, including myself, a huge and meaningful service…but quite frankly, I’m a bit of a chicken and I don’t like pain. Every time I have to go to the… Continue reading Free