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I am often in need of help, but I am not often willing to accept it. Lately my need for help far outweighed my ability to hold it all together, but I was geared up and ready to try. It was my husband’s intense surgery that left me carrying double the load, the saying goodbye… Continue reading Well

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It was Christmas 2010. I had just received the greatest gift I could ever unwrap, a baby boy swaddled up in a soft white muslin blanket. Not just any baby boy, however, he was a big brown eyed, curly haired boy, exactly the answer to my husband and I’s prayers. We’d been praying five years to… Continue reading Gift

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Sitting at my breakfast table, this gathering place of nourishment both belly and soul, this dear place my family comes to each morning hungry with the assurance that they will be fed. The rare times, the quiet times I sit here on my own, peering into the stretch of barren trees that decorate the yard. I watch… Continue reading Come

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One year ago, I turned 30 and decided to forgo all fears and begin to pen my heart on paper, to share stories from one broken life to another...and thus Life Spilled Like Water was born. I wasn't convinced that anyone would read along, that my ability was certainly not enough to draw a crowd--and… Continue reading One