Life Spilled Like Water- The Story

photo (4)Life Spilled Like Water was inspired by the story of a father’s redeeming love for his son in  2 Samuel 14and how that same love is offered to us by the sacrifice our heavenly father made through the life of his one and only son, Jesus. (For more on knowing God personally, click here)

glass, once solidly set on the sturdy wooden surface of your coffee table, now slowly tipping over ready to drench all objects that lie in its path. You reach out your hands in an effort to stop the once carefully enclosed beverage, only to find that your frantic attempt simply accelerates the inevitable. You begin to try and catch the liquid as if it were a solid                                                          substance, while you watch every ounce seep right through                                                        your fingers.

Falling GlassThis is life.
Life spilled like water

Yet, time and time again, to satisfy our overwhelming need to control our circumstances and manage our appearance, we instinctively begin to try and clean up the mess. We dab, spray, wipe, scrub, soak, cover and at last, pleadingly beg for it to just go away. But the truth is, no matter how hard we try to scrub away the proof of the mess, a faint and jagged stain always appears reminding us that something was broken there. And that same faint and jagged stain sears it’s place on our hearts reminding us of our inability to erase the proof of our broken and burdened state.

We even, at times, try to put the pieces of the shattered glass back together on our own. Yet there is one thing that always happens when you try to pick up broken glass– it cuts. When we try to mask our wounds in false appearances- we suffer. When we try to pick up the broken pieces of our lives and hope in our ability to overcome- we lose. When we put our confidence solely in ourselves and not in Christ- we fail. 

Once water is spilled out it cannot be gathered up in the same way it was poured. We must accept the water is gone from the glass; the life poured from the vessel.


It isn’t until we give God the broken pieces of our hearts and lives and allow him to be the one to put his hand of healing on the stains of our hearts, that we can began to experience true joy, peace, confidence, love, a sound mind and more—these are gifts that cannot be bought and only come through Christ. This occurs, because we begin to see our brokenness through the lens of Christ. We begin to see that our pain is not Him turning His back on us, but rather, in it, an offer to draw us near. 

Jesus is not in the business of just “sweeping away life”, as if one’s deepest wounds outweigh the Grace offered when He was nailed to the cross He is fighting hard to capture our attention, to shower us in the freedom of His forgiveness and transform us through the power of His love. Christ died and lives to see his children made new; free from stain and blemish, free from fear and shame. His redeeming love allows us to lay down our deepest burdens and pick up hope and peace through the knowledge that He is our provider, protector, preserver–not matter what the storm, no matter what the blessing, no matter what the outcome.

Though what has been spilled has been spilled– Rest comes. Peace comes. Hope comes. When we fall fearlessly into the arms of the one who died for the broken, beauty will always appear.


Each LSLW post includes three areas of reflection in hopes to offer a chance for us to give thanks, grow in our personal faith and find ways to pour out from our lives what Christ has poured into us.
Gratitude: How has God pursued you and won areas of your heart and life?
Grow:  What false appearances do you try and manage to cover the truth about about your broken and burdened state? Where do you need to let go of those masks and accept the truth about your worth in Christ? Where do you need to accept His forgiveness?
Give: Who is desperately in need of this message of hope and freedom in God’s unconditional love and forgiveness? When will you share it with them?
WorshipI love music & I love to share it. Each song is for each post. Listen and Enjoy! Come to Me

© Tamara Gurley 2014

4 thoughts on “Life Spilled Like Water- The Story

  1. Your reflections on this passage have been such a blessing to me! I continue to remind myself to hope in God, instead of in the good things he gives.

    p.s. LOVE the pictures!

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