God has always been in the business of rescuing his people, from the days of Noah to this very moment. God performed his ultimate rescue mission by sending his one and only son Jesus to die for you and for me. He rescued us from everything that separates us from Him– our sin and shame, our hurting bodies and weary souls, our fickle hearts that are often prone to wander and trust in anything but the ultimate Promise Keeper. But God you Know How to Rescue. You never stop searching for the hearts of your people to be given fully to you. No matter how far we’ve fallen, no matter how hard the road ahead seems You will always rescue us and you will always save. #holyweek #shewritestruth #easter #lifespilledlikewater #reflection #rescue 


Living Will

My renaissance man is having surgery tomorrow. A blown PCL and ACL in the knee will have him under the knife for repair. My anxious heart never does well when these kinds of things come up- And, well they’ve never come up for him. He’s been physically strong never weak, always helpful never helpless, tireless never tired, beyond capable never (12)

 He’ll have to depend on me for bit as he’s called into this season of rest; and I believe God will meet us here. Not sure all He has planned in this journey, but God never wastes a thing. 375853_10102266478575685_394213414_n

During the last phone call with the pre-surgery nurse, my love was asked to bring his living will- you know, just in case. I believe with all my heart God’s not through using my husband here in this world. He’ll be with me tomorrow and for as long as we both shall live. But living isn’t a gauruntee, nether is having a chance to share our will. So I thought I’d take a stab at sharing mine. Not what I hope to see when I have gone to be with Jesus, but who I will to be while I’m still living.

My living will:

I will to love – Christ first and all others above myself

I will to know- deeply know my Savior through time in his presence and his word 

I will to overflow- the rich  gifts of God in the form of kindness, peace and joy 

I will to be still– be still and see. To slow down and let my heart and eyes graze on the wonders of God’s creation and the countless unmerited blessings in my life 

I will to be grateful- to never cease saying thank you for the little, for the big, for the  good and for the hard

I will to serve – not to be served. To be generous where it hurts and give more away than I take in

I will to die – to give up my life so I can gain it. True life. Abundant life that only comes from the power of Christ at work in me. 

This I believe is God’s will for me. Therefore it is my will for His great glory. 





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