Hope or Hopeful

The difference between feeling hopeful and having hope is all a matter of trust. We are called to hope and believe that Christ will work all things for His glory and our good, but so often we are unable to trace His hand in the midst of our trials. We lose hope when we cannot see.… Continue reading Hope or Hopeful

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I met my Renaissance man the same month I vowed to God that I would take a break from dating. I desired to focus solely on relationship with my Creator, my one, true love. As soon as I had vowed my heart to the Lord, He let me open it to an unexpected soul. A gift… Continue reading 10

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He didn’t have to do it… But he did. It didn’t start with long chats about one day bringing home a baby girl, or a choice to do our part to try and make that happen. It didn’t start with I wonder if she’ll look like me or you, or what colors would look best… Continue reading Father