This past week, I had the opportunity to share my love of writing through a piece on the subject of Winter, with my home church in Grand Rapids. The piece below was God-breathed, His words flowing through my pen. Every moment of the day He would show me glimpses of the story this poem should… Continue reading Yours

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Today marks 10 years of marriage and 12 years of friendship---cue the confetti bombs, because I think that is worth celebrating!! The husband and I spent the weekend going back to ten places where God wrote out our love story. To all my young friends, single sisters, parents with daughters or sons---these Top Ten stories are for… Continue reading Top 10

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I met my Renaissance man the same month I vowed to God that I would take a break from dating. I desired to focus solely on relationship with my Creator, my one, true love. As soon as I had vowed my heart to the Lord, He let me open it to an unexpected soul. A gift… Continue reading 10

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I was teaching her about Jesus’s love. His dying on the cross for our sins, so we could live love. His sacrificial love, patient love, enduring love. His forever love. She was fighting with her brother that morning (like they always do). I believe  this time they were staking claim on who could sit up… Continue reading Love

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It is a wonder to me that a place exists on this broken earth that can always take my breath away. No matter how many times I have climbed to the top of that soaring dune with sweeping views of sky blue waters, the air is drawn from my lungs. Creation always cries glory to… Continue reading If

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Having two children 10 ½ months apart presents as many challenges as you are currently imagining. Especially in regards to my two curious, adventurous, and nearly fearless toddlers. However, for a great deal of time there has been a certain challenge that I have allowed myself to begin to resent. I like to have fun… Continue reading Sidelines

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The road to Christ is paved in a heap full of grace and a mighty splash of mercy. He to us and us to others. For we cannot display to the world the ultimate riches and glory of the cross until we live out it’s true meaning. The cross is the portrait of the ultimate… Continue reading Calamity