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Today marks 10 years of marriage and 12 years of friendship---cue the confetti bombs, because I think that is worth celebrating!! The husband and I spent the weekend going back to ten places where God wrote out our love story. To all my young friends, single sisters, parents with daughters or sons---these Top Ten stories are for… Continue reading Top 10

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I met my Renaissance man the same month I vowed to God that I would take a break from dating. I desired to focus solely on relationship with my Creator, my one, true love. As soon as I had vowed my heart to the Lord, He let me open it to an unexpected soul. A gift… Continue reading 10

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It was that kind of fight. The kind where you don’t just think you are right, but you kind of, actually are. It was disappointment and hurt all wrapped up in a beautiful bow. Not quite the gift we are ever anxious to receive. We all know relationships are hard work---not so much dealing with… Continue reading Earned

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I sat there warm by the fire amidst the snow-capped hills so many saved dollars and a million expectations in, as the perfect weekend that had played out in my mind time and time again seemed to be crumbling at the seams. It can be so easy to make oceans out of the puddles of… Continue reading Puddles